Defense across the attack continuum

Evolve your network switches for innovation

Deploy mobility with ease, strengthen security, and simplify your network.

uncompromised scale and services.



Enjoy more choices

Get IT flexibility with the industry’s first NFV solution targeted to enterprises. Any app, any platform, any connectivity.

Scale on demand

Meet business demands with our broadest enterprise-class integrated network services. Pay as you grow.


Wireless & Mobility
Optimize your network:
Automatically optimize for high-density environments. Give users exceptional wireless performance.
Personalize your services

Use location-based services. Analyze visitor behavior and engage with mobile customers on a personal level.

Secure your network

Protect users, data, and your business with strong, network-based security.

Network Management
A better way to manage your network

Learn how to design, provision, enable policy, and assure network performance from one place.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime, using class-leading products and solutions for managing an enterprise network.

Unified Gateway
Secure remote access to hybrid cloud and SaaS. A comprehensive, secure remote access solution

NetScaler Unified Gateway consolidates remote access infrastructure to provide single sign-on across all applications whether in a datacenter, in a cloud, or delivered as SaaS. 


Cloud & Web Security
Protect users, data, and applications, anywhere they are.

Adopt the cloud securely. With it, you can better manage security for the way the world works today. It protects users against threats anywhere they access the Internet, and it protects your data and applications in the cloud.

Next-Generation Firewalls
Stop threats, see what’s happening on your network, and reduce costs with our threat-focused next-generation firewall appliances.

Block more threats and quickly mitigate those that do breach your defenses with the industry’s first threat-focused NGFW.

Get the visibility, automation, flexibility, and scalability you need to defeat the latest threats


Access Control & Policy
Provide highly secure firewall, web, and email services while helping to enable mobility and teleworking.


Video Surveillance
Increase Safety and Physical Security

Help enable your network and security teams to collaborate effectively in a highly scalable environment that combines video, advanced analytics and IoT sensor integration. Video Surveillance Manager provides a comprehensive, policy-based system for physical security and video surveillance to increase worker productivity across thousands of cameras.

Incident Response

Prepare for, manage, and recover from data breaches using cyber security intelligence and experts.


Public Cloud

Enhance your hybrid cloud strategy with public cloud: 

Secure, managed public cloud services with a network-centric design and multiple layers of security.

We help your organisation take advantage of the elasticity, cost benefits, and secure enterprise-grade performance of public cloud. We provide market leading service level agreements (SLAs) and reliable support that’s backed up by a 99.999% network and server uptime guarantee. Our consistent and predictable SLAs enable you to build new revenue-generating products and services faster. And thanks to our 15 data centres on five continents, you’ll benefit from a global presence while enhancing your hybrid cloud strategy.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Best-of-breed, consumption-based cloud hosting for scalability and speed to value

Public cloud agility benefits plus security and reliability.

Built for performance and reliability, our private cloud enables you to save time and avoid capital expense in achieving your preferred production privacy, security, data sovereignty, and availability levels. Your hybrid IT environment will become an IT services broker, accelerating service delivery and transformation.

Cloud Back up

Your data is your business – protect it

Ensure business continuity and protection for enterprise workloads.

Get fast, simple, and cost-effective Cloud Backup services with a scalable solution available in multiple regions. Our backup-as-a-service requires zero capital investment and is easy to use, application-aware, and automated. It offers self-service and includes support for various operating systems. This allows you to back up your workload whether your server is in our cloud, on a competitor’s cloud, on-premise, or in a managed hosting environment.


Provider and Community Cloud

Take advantage of our full spectrum of cloud technology opportunities

Provide your customers with reliable cloud infrastructure-as-a-service.

Our OneCloud Partner Programme is a Provider and Community Cloud service that enables you to take advantage of the price-sensitive and competitive cloud market. We provide you with a comprehensive cloud platform, allowing you to resell or white label a secure, resilient, and flexible cloud service. Through our powerful cloud orchestration technology and platform, you can add cloud infrastructure-as-a-service to your offerings, boosting your revenue and reducing operational costs.

Cloud Disaster Recovery
Safeguard your data from anything.
Keep your data safe.

Without access to your data, you’re dead in the water. Ensure your business stays healthy and competitive—even in the event of a disastrous outage.

Hybrid Cloud
Discover what services exist across different clouds, and enforce security and governance while efficiently managing costs.

Enable businesses to more seamlessly build and operate cloud-native applications by managing the provisioning and Day 2 management of cloud-native cluster frameworks. Effectively, IT can provide these frameworks as services to their app teams on the cloud of their choice, with freedom and control.


Data Infrastructure Management

OnCommand Insight

Monitor and manage your multivendor hybrid cloud IT infrastructure.

Storage Automation

Sharpen your storage and service-delivery operations.

Streamline your storage-management tasks.

Boost productivity throughout the organization when you automate your repeatable, manual storage-management processes.

Leverage OnCommand® Workflow Automation to construct, customize, publish, and activate a broad range of storage workflows.

Cloud Data Management

OnCommand Cloud Manager

Deploy, manage, and track your Data Fabric resources across multiple clouds.

Manage your data across hybrid-cloud environments.

Centralize the management of your cloud storage environments.

OnCommand® Cloud Manager delivers a central point of control for all your Data Fabric endpoints—on-premises and in the cloud.

Data Protection

Protect your data everywhere, from client to cloud



Desktop Virtualization

Reduce desktop IT costs, improve security, increase control, and expand connectivity. 

With desktop virtualization, desktops are hosted in your data center and can be accessed from any device, anywhere. This allows you to support new business models and improve both IT operations and user satisfaction.



Server Virtualization

Complete development using various operating systems on one physical server or to consolidate servers used by multiple business divisions.

With Server virtualization is a technology you partitioning one physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers can run its own operating system and applications, and perform as if it is an individual server.